Rovian Howland

Demon of the Tide


Rovian is a tall, well built man that just so happens to be the Captain of the ship named Tide Slicer. He has tan skin with plenty of scars tracing down his arms and back. He has a piercing set of storm grey eyes and dark, chocolate brown hair reaches down to the crest of his shoulder blades.

He is never dressed too lavishly, and always mistake for the right hand of the infamous Demon of the Sea.


He is Ruthless and ice cold toward his enemies, but he is not completely unreasonable. He is always willing to make a bargain, he’s not called the Demon of the Tide for no reason. He well known through out the Hyrthgore naval military, because he is such a pain in their ass.

He is known to sail in a fleet of three, but sometimes when he is doing trivial chores he will go through out the seas with just his trust Tide Slicer.

Rumor has it that his parents died when he was three and that he fended for himself from there onward, till he found the Hollow Waters at the age of eight. He is nearly a fully raised pirate, with a sparkling temper.

Rovian Howland

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