Dawn Stealer


The Dawn Stealer

Home Plane: The Astral Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domain(s): Knowledge, Destruction, Evil, Magic Favored Weapon: Glaive

The Dawn Stealer was created from the brain of Solus, god of the sun, as he was trying to raise the day from Umbra’s embrace. In his effort, his headache grew and grew until the pain formed into the being of energy that would become the Dawn Stealer. Breaking forth from his mind, the ‘thief’ took with him the power of the dawn, as well as the deepest secrets of the gods. From there, he fled to the Astral plane to raise himself.

In his godly form, the being is a twisting mass of magic, surrounding a large, glowing eye. The Dawn Stealer is characterized with human traits as an exotic beauty, with brown skin, short, dark brown hair, and eyes the color of dark earth. He is very tall and willowy, and looks somewhat insane. He is known to pose riddles to charismatic mortals. He is known to give advice to mortals in dire need, but of course, at a cost to them. Small shrines after often discretely erected inside libraries, music halls, and other gods’ temples.

Goals: The Dawn Stealer’s main goal is to claim all the intellectual property and knowledge throughout the universe for himself. The Dawn Stealer is known to hold many secrets of the Universe, most of which have come from ancient civilizations, gods, and peoples long passed. As knowledge is power, the Daw Stealer has plans to use his knowledge to one day rise into even greater power and reverence. The Dawn Stealer is chaotic evil because he is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, and do not care who or what is damaged in the process, as long as his wishes are attained. The god delights in sharing the trivial knowledge of mortals as much as possible amongst them; this promotes learning, literacy, and the gathering of more information over time.

“We Work To Find What Is Purposely Lost”

Followers: Worshippers, Clerics, etc. of the Dawn Stealer are to pray at dawn, daily. They are also to carry with them their holy, amethyst pendant that makes them a part of the Dawn Stealer’s dominion. Temples are located throughout the world at the top of large mountains or hills,the entrances to these temples always face where the sun rises. Special tomes made by his clerics are sacrificed to the god in religious ceremonies. Similar to mind flayers, the religion focuses on the brain, and parts of it are often crucial in rituals.

Clerical Rules: Clerics and Paladins of the Dawn Stealer must abide by the god’s creeds
* The Dawn Stealer is their one, true god
* Gain information by any means possible
* Protect knowledge
* Protect yourself
* Do not destroy any book
* Do not destroy any art
* Do not destroy the young
* Those who can be educated and are willing to be, must
* Eliminate the ignorant, and bigoted
* Eliminate those who seek to stop the spread of knowledge
* Eliminate those who seek to destroy knowledge

Dawn Stealer

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