Kingdom of Kiligan

roof_of_the_world_by_frankatt-d77ir45.pngThe Kingdom of Kiligan is a very upbeat place, and it is definitely the place for bards. The land is almost as upbeat and exotic as their people. There are plants and trees hailing from every part of Wyxtia and it’s usually the place for parties of nobility. Many of the great parties and festivals of history take place here.


Though, unlike Osgore which is struck by poverty, Kiligan is struck by pestilence. It seems that the exotic mixing of planets wasn’t a good mix for bacterial and fungal disease and once it someone catches it the disease spreads like wildfire.

Year after year, suddenly as they managed to get a hold on one illness another sprouts up. Even with the help of wizards and healers it is hard to stamp out the epidemics plaguing the Kingdom of Kiligan. During a dark time, when a disease known by the common folk as Time Bomb, it nearly killed half the country.


Eventually the Plague Guild was created, but by then it was already to late. People were carried away in carriages and there was no pleasure in burying the bodies in mass graves.

Kingdom of Kiligan

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