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Wyxtia is a nation of great pride and great nationality. Their lands are vast and enticing, just like their people. But don’t let the diversity fool you, there will always be a divide cutting the country up into pieces.

  • Laws

  • Currency

  • Religion

  • Bestiary

  • Other Nations
  • Kingdoms

    In the County of Wyxtia there are seven standing kingdoms. They seperate the land into seven quarters and rule simultaneously.

  • Kingdom of Osgore

  • Kingdom of Kiligan

  • Kingdom of Terisan

  • Kingdom of Azureal

  • Kingdom of Fatelin

  • Kingdom of Parsh

  • Kingdom of Balirich
  • History

    What would a country be without it’s rises and it’s falls? Without history there is no country at all. And Wyxtia certainly has it’s fair share of scars.

  • The Beginning

  • The First Courts

  • The Great Divide
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