Other Nations

It is the land of war. All of the seven kingdoms know this. Hyrthgore was the origin nation for many of the humans who now live in the Seven Kingdoms, and Hyrthgore holds that against them at every point they can. Many of their naval captains, sick of their strict rules and constant need for attention and land, break off and become some of the nastiest pirates.

They are one of the main imports for weapons and steel to the Seven Kingdoms, but it is not a necessary trade. As there is plenty of ore to be mined in the Fatelin kingdom, and even in the kingdom of Osegore.

There are rumors that in the military they train children up from birth in war camps and train them to be the world’s scariest super soldiers. But thus far that information has yet to be confirmed.

Waneser is the nation of dreams, and is one of the oldest living kingdoms to last hundreds and hundreds of years. Their capital is made of swirling towers that reach the clouds and buildings made of glass. The capital is often referred to the City of the Sky, or the City Above Clouds.

Magic is the most controlled in their country, as they have had it for many years. The best schools of magic can be found here, ranging from all different types. They have an priceless trade between the kingdoms that brings over healing elixirs and other sorts of potions.

Since the magic that was native to the Seven Kingdoms disappeared, they have become a beacon for all those who wish to learn magic.

Other Nations

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