Major Gods

Solus, God of The Sun, Light, and Fire: Father of Idakael. Solus is the father of all Light that graces the earth and the bringer of the first fires to ever bless Ethos. He is the one who guards the sun. He is what most see as the eternal bringer, the one who grants passage to a pleasant after-life, but that is wrong. A true Solus follower would know that Solus is also the burner of sins, and drags those who have sinned down to the flaming pits of all the seven hells. Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Umbra, Goddess of the Moon, Night, and Water: There is the myth that Umbra had a relationship with Shonal and birthed Myloe. She is the one who raised the moon and spreads the stars across the night sky. She is the one who pulls and pushes the tides of the ocean. In her will, water was introduced to the world of Ethos. Umbra chases the moon in the spirit of the wolf. Legend has it that wolves howl at the moon, to give their thanks to the very Goddess that gave them life. She is the one who invites those who deserve it to a peaceful afterlife. Alignment: Neutral Good

Kearenao, the God of Peace, Diplomacy and Medicine: Quite beautiful, with dark skin, long, black hair, and eyes the color of lightning. He is short and very slender, and generally has a blissful expression. He usually wears simple clothes dyed medium yellow and gold. He is also associated with wisdom. He is often worshipped by warriors. His many followers can be primarily distinguished by the shrines in their homes. There are also a respectable amount of statues of him in military outposts. There are a few temples to him in the foothills of mountains. Alignment: Lawful Good

Creat , Goddess of Nature, Farming, and the Weather: Surprisingly plain, with fair skin, short, rippling white hair, and eyes the color of fresh snow. She is surprisingly short and very muscular. She usually wears stylized armor dyed light green. There are a respectable amount of depictions of her at the edge of forests. Alignment: Neutral Good

Augustos , Goddess of Death, Renewal, and Change: Extremely beautiful, with pale skin, short, curly white hair, and eyes the color of sparkling ice. She usually wears a cloak dyed midnight black. She is also associated with silence and candles. She is often worshipped by clerics. Her numerous followers can be primarily distinguished by the rites they perform. There are more than a few offerings to her at the edge of forests. Aligment: True Neutral

Aaxom , Goddess of Magic, Knowledge, and Trickery: is surprisingly ugly, with dark skin, long, flowing pale red hair, and eyes the color of sapphires. She is tall and very slender, and seldom smiles. She usually wears opulent robes dyed violet. Aaxom is the sister of Aracko. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Aracko, God of Business, Money, and Adventure: Shockingly beautiful, with pale skin, short, wavy cinnamon hair, and eyes the color of gleaming steel. He is short and broad-shouldered, and is usually laughing. He usually wears leather armor dyed yellow-green and dark aqua. Aracko is the father of Paylor. Alignment: Chaotic Good

Minor Gods:

Paylor, God of Debts and Memory (CN) Shonal, the Goddess of Desire and Passion (CN)
Myloe, the Goddess of Thunder, the Forge and Revelry (NG) Franaelo, the God of Music, Luck and Summer (CG)
Idakael, the Goddess of Armor and War (LE) Xouthic, the Goddess of Disease and Famine (LE)
The Dawn Stealer, God of Secret Knowledge, Evil Magic, and the Dawn (CE) Jearal, the God of Love and Youth (CG)


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