Serdon Dracosis

A kind, curious man with an open heart

Race: Human (mild draconic bloodlines) Age: 28
Class: Fighter Weight: 174.5 lbs
Looks: A handsome young man with blonde hair and sea green eyes.
Well built and tan, as if he’s spent many hours in the sun
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level: 3 Hit Dice: d10
HP: 33 BAB: 3
AC: 0 EXP: 300
Speed: 30ft Init:
STR: 18(+4) DEX: 17(+3) CON: 15(+2)
INT: 14(+2) WIS: 12(+1) CHA: 16(+3)
Fortitude: 3 Reflex: 1 +2 Will: 1
Weapon: Attack Bonus: Damage:
Range: Critical Hit: Notes:
Weapon: Attack Bonus: Damage:
Range: Critical Hit: Notes:
Armor: AC Bonus: Max Dex:
Armor Check Penalty: Max Speed: Notes:
Shield: AC Bonus: Max Dex:
Armor Check Penalty: Max Speed: Notes:

Appraise: 2 Balance: 4 Bluff: 4
Climb: 5 Concentrate: 2 Craft: 2
Decipher Script: 2 Dipomacy: 5 Disable Device: 2
Disguise: 3 Escape Artist: 4 Forgery: 2
Gather Info: 4 Handle Animal: 5 Heal: 4
Hide: 4 Intimidate: 4 Jump: 5
Knowledge(warfare): 4 Knowledge(seafaring): 4 Listen: 4
Move Silently: 5 Perform(Seashanty): 4 Profession(Sailor): 4
Ride: 4 Search: 4 Sense Motive: 2
Slight of Hand: 4 Spot: 4 Survival: 2
Swim: 5 Tumble: 4 Use Magical Device: 3
Use Rope: 4
Feats & Abilities:

Quick Draw:
Improved Unarmed Strike:
Eqiuptment Proficiency:
Lightning Reflexes (Feat): +2 bonus on Reflex Saves
Deft Hands:

Money: 0g

Serdon is a kind, gentle man. When put to the test, he avoids fighting and prefers to talk it out, however when pushed he’s a defensive and powerful force. Serdon Dracosis has a loving nature that sees the good in everyone if there is any at all to be found. Even if there isn’t, he’d try to find it anyway. He has an interest in the strange and different. Serdon is curious, investigative and thoughtful. He likes to learn and try new things.

Unlike many common folk, he can read and write, and he knows his numbers and calculations which suggests a noble background or being of some higher caste. However those facts, Serdon insists he’s always lived a simple life.

He has no hatred for anyone at this point in his life, but he has had conflicts in the past with people he prefers not to remember. The one thing that will set Serdon off and unleash a cold, dark, hateful man is the unnecessary slaughter of innocents. Things such as raiding towns, pillaging, massacres, and the like make him broody, snappish and rather rash and aggressive. This aside, he will do anything to help a victim of such assault, whether it be to rescue them from the act or aid them in recovery, he can not say no to a victim of such a crime in need.

In his personal life, Serdon has little luck with women though many end up being good friends of his. He is searching for ‘the one’. Serdon does believe in soul mates and wants to find that type of connection with someone.

Serdon Dracosis

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