Hollow Waters

Hollow Waters Guild
Hollow Waters is a tight knit group of naval mercenaries, or better known as pirates. They all wear the same brand on their wrist, a S with a slash through it.

Their hideout had been sought out by all the nations, as they are a nasty pest on the seas and manage to always steal away from the best, most valuable ships. Some say that their base is in beautiful crystal caverns littered with gold, but no one has ever heard of such a place, nor has anyone, besides the pirates, found this alleged Crystal Cavern.

These pirates have ships like no others, and the nations haven’t the slightest idea what, or how, they are made.

There most known rules are:
1. Never give in to storms.
2. We are all brothers and sisters in salt and iron.
3. Silence to the gallows

They follow their rules very closely, because not a single pirate caught has ever uttered a word as to where the Crystal Caverns are. They remain a mystery to this day.

Four Founders.

Their Motto is
“Shall there be salt in our veins, but not in our hearts, for that is made of steel. When we am lost, we shall look to the western sky to where Umbra will guide us to safety. We are the tide, we are the breeze, fear us all, because we offer no mercy.”

Hollow Waters

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