Kingdom of Fatelin

70a7b89100da0b6d8e9ecef05a1416a0.jpgOriginally Built by the dwarves humans came to inhabit it much later. Though dwarves have not been seen in over a thousand years there culture has manifested in the kingdom of Fatelin. The kingdom is organized through six layers.

The first level is the capital, which is mostly comprised of royals and noble residencies.

The second level is where the royal Fatelin military trains and prepares. Fatelin has the strongest arcane
militia, and it might have to do with the enchanted lava pools that inhabit this layer.

The third level is where the upper market where many of the foreign merchants come to sell their goods.

The fourth level is filled with a lower class market, and is often called the ‘Black Market’ for it’s shady lighting and dealing.

The fifth level is commoner and peasant housing area, it is hands down the biggest level out of all of them and has the most people.

The sixth level… No one knows what is on the sixth level.
They are the biggest source of trade and import in all of the seven kingdoms. If one were looking for something obscure and bizarre, the best place to find it would be in Fatelin.

Supposedly Fatelin has one of the largest black markets running through it’s veins, but the guard and public authority have not been able to stomp down on it as of the present.

Kingdom of Fatelin

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