The Beginning

In the beginning Wyxtia was not known as Wyxtia, but instead known as the land of the forgotten. It was far behind the rest of the world, as there had already been plenty of lands colonized and now many civilizations growing. Such as Hyrthgore and Waneser, the two nations that shared the realm.

In the times before it became known as Wyxtia it was a wild and unruly place. No man was ruler of any property on these forgotten lands and there were certainly no cities. In these times it was called the forgotten lands, because the territory had simply been forgotten. The nations, too absorbed in their politics, ignored the slice of life that was part of their earth.

The wild ruled itself, with it’s own cut throat set of rules. But one golden rule was always followed.

Kill… Or Be killed.

Creatures, that the other nations had no idea existed, thrived in these forgotten lands. There were creatures, in order to escape discovery, or in worse cases extinction, fled to these lands in hopes for peace. Isolation and silence from mankind is what they earned.

But it did not last, for the race of man is not an idle one. They soon discovered and went to explore these new forgotten lands, shocked to discover all the legends and fairy tales that they learned as children were real all along, except they were hiding.

Knights from all over came to explore these lands and prove their worth. It became a test of strength to return from these forgotten lands alive, and it was considered heroic to come back with the remains of an enemy.

It was not long before the gods of the forest grew angry with these new explorers and their missions of conquering and glory.

They fought back, trying to scare the nations away, but in turn they only fought harder.
Monsters from all depths of the lands tried to save it.

Save it from what, you might ask, well from the very existence of man of course. Because it was well known from hatching to grave that man kind were only good for one thing and that was destruction.

It was not soon before the kingdoms tore through these rich and delicate lands and claimed them as their own. Species went extinct, or even deeper into hiding. The gods of the earth grew silent and the land grew quiet.

No longer full of life it was succumb to man’s ‘prosperity’. The magic in every stone, twig, and breath died along with it’s land.

Forgotten indeed. Forgotten life. Forgotten Ways. Forgotten Existence. That was what became of the forgotten lands.

It was known as the beginning, but they knew it as the end.

The Beginning

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